Steve Couchon, co-owner of Memory Lane Lamps, knows that CT1 Media will help him expand his business into Greater Hartford.

Founded in 1999 and based in East Longmeadow and Westfield, MA, Memory Lane Lamps sells lamps that memorialize bereavement and special occasions. His products are well known throughout Western Massachusetts, and now Couchon wants to penetrate the Connecticut market.

“There isn’t a funeral home in Western Mass that hasn’t had our lamps, and we want to do the same with the Hartford area and open a store in Connecticut. We needed to introduce our business and products to Connecticut.”

Knowing that CT1 Media’s large outreach is a well-known and trusted source throughout the state of Connecticut, Couchon turned to CT1 Media in the spring of 2011.

85% of his business is bereavement, so he worked with his CT1 Media rep on an approach that would launch his business within Greater Hartford while allowing his customers to view the products online. Print ads are strategically placed five days per week in the obituary section of the Hartford Courant’s Greater Enfield edition, and display ads are highly visible daily in the obituary section of

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” Couchon says, and since his products are so unique, the digital integration of his CT1 Media campaign that directs customers directly to his website is highly rewarding to his business. His goal is to continue to grow his market and include television ads in the near future. Through his partnership with CT1 Media, he now reaches customers well beyond Western Massachusetts, and knows that the exposure and recognition he is getting will ensure a successful expansion.

“I couldn’t get that amount of exposure without going through The Hartford Courant,” Couchon says.