We do broadcast, digital and print with Hartford Magazine, and are getting into print with the Courant.  It’s been extremely positive.

The biggest thing in my world when looking at working with media groups is categorizing vendors and partners. Partners really understand your business and will work with you to improve your business and act as consultants. They’ll provide suggestions and look at things that maybe you didn’t think of before. A vendor is not going to work with you as much to grow your business. Partners act as a consultant and see the benefit of a long-term mutual relationship, and then mutual trust gets developed.

We certainly value CT1 Media as a partner. They have been very good to us. Our placement on TV and the weather sponsorship in the mornings have been very positive. People tell us that they see our branding and our messaging. For us, that’s part of the whole package of building awareness with our brand. We want to be where people are seeing us, and FOX CT is a preferred choice for many when it comes to late-night news. Gloria Gramolini is our advertising rep and she gets it. She’s a customer of ours as well. Half the battle is having someone who works well with you. We’ve been very fortunate in that regard, all the way up to the top to Richard Graziano.
Christan Miller
Hoffman Auto Group