Dan Noonan, vice president for enrollment at Goodwin College in East Hartford, knows that CT1 Media is watching his back.

“We have a very strong relationship with CT1 Media. We are partners in business,” says Noonan, who also handles marketing for the non-profit, career-centered school. “I know that the folks at CT1 Media want my business to succeed. They want my business to grow, and they make that known every time we speak.”

The relationship has developed over a dozen years, beginning with Goodwin taking out print advertising in The Courant and using online ads on courant.com and ctnow.com. “The Courant is a very trusted source of news in Connecticut and, certainly, in the greater Hartford area. It has strong brand equity and a big brand presence. Looking to get my message out, I could get a blind endorsement because of The Courant’s reputation.”

Because Goodwin’s student body mixes younger high school graduates training for their entry to the professional world and older, career-change students, advertising is targeted to reach various age groups. “CT1 Media has the products that allow an advertiser to deeply segment the audience,” he says.

Goodwin College turns to Fox CT and the CW to reach the 18- to 34-year-old female audience. Its commercials zero in on a field of study such as nursing or business. The school’s name and logo often appear along the bottom of the screen during news programs, and Goodwin often sponsors school closing announcements.

The web sites offer Goodwin more opportunities to reach its audience. “What I like best is that we are no longer limited to a static tower ad,” he says. “We can be more interactive. We took a 30-second television commercial and reduced it to a 15-second commercial on the web site. The viewer must interact with it to see the ad. In that way, I’m hitting an audience that sought me out just as much as I sought them out.”

CT1 Media keeps Goodwin College’s name in front of readers and viewers in other ways. Preprinted inserts that appear three times a year, about a month before the school’s next enrollment cycle, help to draw students to the school.

Noonan figures that even non-subscribers will check out The Courant, either on-line or in print, when they are job hunting. Goodwin runs a strip ad on the bottom of Sunday’s CareerBuilder section every week. “The likelihood of that newspaper sitting on a table for a week is greater for a job seeker,” Noonan says. “I look at that strip as not as an ad for a day but as an ad for week.”

Noonan appreciates the range of advertising vehicles and the customer service at CT1 Media. “To work with one team of people, that’s great,” he says. “With print, on-line and the television side, their ability to reach a large market is quite good.”