Scott Cohen, a co-owner of Footprints in Newington, advertises “when we’re busy and when we’re slow” – in other words, all of the time.

The shoe and accessories superstore, which Cohen’s parents founded in 1979, enjoys a reputation for customer service, expert fittings and a large selection of top name brands with more than 100,000 pairs of shoes in stock.

Despite Footprints’ name recognition, Cohen understands the need to keep the store’s name in front of the public. “We’ve been working with The Courant for years,” Cohen says. “We’re still very traditional. We’re a grass roots company using a lot of direct mail, billboards and print.”

But just as Cohen stocks the newest styles in footwear, handbags and jewelry, he also keeps up with the latest advertising avenues, thanks to CT1 Media. He likes the options and feedback that CT1 Media’s cross-media platform provides. “In television and print media, we’re going for top-of-mind awareness,” he says. “We want to be the first name that comes to mind when a customer is in the market for shoes. We’ll use direct mail for a more call-to-action result. If we’re having a sale, we want people to see the ad and jump in the car and come to the store.”

The easy access from CT1 Media to print, online and television advertising suits Footprints’ needs. “One medium augments the other,” Cohen says.

With the help of CT1 Media account executives, Cohen has embraced new technology to broaden his customer base. “Mobile texting was relatively new for us,” he says. “We did a couple of campaigns and had results that, combined with the joint effort of television, print and the mutual web sites, have been a benchmark for us.” One “text to win” campaign began with a newspaper or television ad prompting a customer to return the text message for a chance to win a pair of Uggs boots. A bounce-back message thanked the texter for the entry and offered a 10 percent discount coupon. “The point is that everyone wins something,” Cohen says. “It’s a call to action for the consumer, and it benefits the advertiser. The big advantage of a mixed-media approach is that you can track results.”

Footprints also takes advantage of the promotional opportunities within Fox CT’s locally produced programs. Cohen participated in the Dream Wedding contest and television show and has signed on again as a sponsor this year. “We provide merchandise, are featured with [Fox CT traffic reporter] Rachel Lutzker, and have print and television mentions with logo inclusion,” says Cohen, who will give shoes and accessories to the lucky Dream Wedding couple. This type of sponsorship also reminds viewers and readers that Footprints is the go-to outlet for bridal footwear and expert shoe dying service, he says.

Cohen also appreciates the team approach to advertising that CT1 Media offers. “I work with a team of people who are experts [in their medium], understand the technology, and know how to maximize that technology and use all of the tools at their disposal.” As an owner who enjoys contact with customers, he likes CT1 Media’s personal touch.